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“Making Meaning through Online Media: Pedagogical Possibilities for Social Media Platforms.”

I propose a hybrid Talk-Make session focused on the creative and effective uses of social media platforms in the classroom. The humanities share a core knowledge structure that is both narrative and dialectical; therefore students of the humanities can benefit … Continue reading

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DHer as Designer

In this talk session, I propose a look at design in DH projects. Matthew Kirschenbaum suggests in “‘So the Colors Cover the Wires’: Interface, Aesthetics, and Usability,” “just as interface cannot – finally – be decoupled from functionality, neither can … Continue reading

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Fair Use Strategies for Digital Humanities Projects

In rendering its judgment in the case of Authors Guild v. HathiTrust, the court was persuaded by arguments raised in the “digital humanities” amicus brief. The court expressly stated that the transformative uses of the digitized content, as highlighted in … Continue reading

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Undergraduate Students and Digital Humanities

When I began my own research project as a second-year undergraduate, I set out to map the world of Dante’s Commedia through the use of GIS software. However, I eventually left that project behind and pivoted into a more traditional … Continue reading

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Visualizing Time & Place with GoogleEarth

How can GoogleEarth maps be used to the best effect in digital archive projects? Amy Giroux and I would like to continue the discussion on the use of digital mapping as a conversational feature in interactive digital archives. We have … Continue reading

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Beyond language: expanding the concept of translatability in digital studies

This conversation will explore the concept of translatability that includes, but is not limited to, traditional language translation. As a starting point, we’ll take it as axiomatic that translation exists in every transfer of information (whether analog or digital) and … Continue reading

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Open Access and the Humanities

So often in discussions about open access to scholarship, there is an implication that OA is for STEM, and that the products of humanities scholarship are fundamentally different somehow and therefore not appropriate for openness. I want to explore this … Continue reading

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Applying Digital Archive Skills: The Birth Control Review as Case Study

Gainesville THATCampers have proposed sessions on creating digital archives, making exhibitions for those archives, and learning TEI editing for documents within said archives. These promise to be excellent sessions and I hope they all make the cut. With that said, … Continue reading

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“Magic Mirror Theater”: A Virtual Reality, Experiential Learning Environment.

Magic Mirror Theater is an open-source web application designed to facilitate the study of classical drama and potentially other forms of literature by enhancing the current teaching methodologies in higher education, using an experiential-learning augmented-reality environment. It allows instructors and students … Continue reading

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Transforming Online Language Learning

Gillian Lord & Jesse Gleason Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies (UF) In spite of technology’s growth in many aspects of academia, language learning programs still tend to view digital delivery as an afterthought rather than a starting point. As … Continue reading

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Humanities Software Development: Data Mining and Writing Studies

We will provide a short introduction to the software project called MassMine–an open source software, developed by academic/humanities researchers, for use within the academy. The software has been used to data mine Twitter and this data is being analyzed as … Continue reading

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