Fair Use Strategies for Digital Humanities Projects

In rendering its judgment in the case of Authors Guild v. HathiTrust, the court was persuaded by arguments raised in the “digital humanities” amicus brief. The court expressly stated that the transformative uses of the digitized content, as highlighted in the brief, was the very definition of fair use. This endorsement of fair use in transformative digitization projects informs the articulation of strategies or best practices to employ when building new digital humanities projects. During this session, we will talk about some well-accepted fair use strategies and best practices for digital humanities projects — and maybe articulate some new ones!

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About Christine Fruin

I am the Scholarly Communications Librarian at the University of Florida. I am a frequent author and speaker on topics such as fair use in higher education, digital copyright, open access, and transforming scholarly publishing. I recently completed a one year appointment as Visiting Program Officer for Scholarly Communications with the Association of Southeastern Libraries.

3 Responses to Fair Use Strategies for Digital Humanities Projects

  1. Josh Bolick says:

    This sounds awesome!

  2. This is great, Christine! Not only will we leave with a better sense of our own rights and responsibilities, but we’ll also learn how the DH are advancing opportunities for OA writ large!

  3. I’d also like to see or hear of examples where perhaps DH projects have not been started, or have been cancelled over copyright concerns. Would be interesting to have a scale of how broadly fair use strategies might change the types of projects we could considering doing in the future.

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