Amanda Hagood


Though I am currently working in the non-profit world, my background is in American literature and the environmental movement. I have taught at both Vanderbilt University and Hendrix College, where I worked as a post-doc in Literature and Environmental Studies. While at Hendrix (which is located in Conway, Arkansas), I grew particularly interested in combining place-based pedagogy (which is very commonly associated with environmental studies courses) with digital projects. In one instance, I had my students collaborate with an environmental sociology class through interconnected course blogs and videoconference class sessions to discuss the various ways in which sociologists and literary scholars approach environmental issues; in that class we also experimented with digital storytelling (to learn more about our class, see In another instance, I had my students create a digital exhibit about how our campus--particularly our dining hall--has changed along with shifting food cultures across the 20th-21st centuries (see!photos/list/).