Staying up to date for academic needs on Twitter, in 15 (or fewer) minutes a day?

I find it difficult to stay up to date on Twitter, specifically because I find it difficult to use Twitter with any regularity.  I’m not ready to carve out much time from my existing schedule for Twitter because I don’t see how this would be a great return on investment for time. When I do use Twitter, I sometimes see it as beneficial and sometimes just feel like it takes time, so I’d like to learn to be a better Twitter user with a limited timeframe so that I don’t get frustrated as I learn.  I’d be happy to dedicate a few minutes each day to Twitter if I could understand how to ensure the time would be for successful Twitter usage (and I could use that to build into more time, if I could make it worthwhile).

I’m wondering if someone with Twitter savvy could share on best practices for making Twitter work in 15 (or fewer) minutes a day? Or maybe someone with Twitter savvy could help re-frame this into a more productive question and session?

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I'm the Digital Scholarship Librarian at the University of Florida. My work focuses on socio-technical (people, policies, technologies, communities) needs for scholarly cyberinfrastructure. I work heavily with the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) where I am the Digital Scholarship Director, LibraryPress@UF where I am the Editor-in-Chief, the Digital Humanities Working Group with the DH Graduate Certificate, and Research Computing, with these and other activities geared towards enabling a culture of radical collaboration that values and supports diversity and inclusivity.

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  1. I could share the very little bit that I think I know about how to use Twitter for the Humanities Center.

  2. I’d like to see more on how to integrate Twitter with pedagogy, too: it seems like a novel way to for language students to practice with comprehensible input (140 characters can’t be but so tough) and language production. What are the FERPA implications for using an open, online service like Twitter for student practice?

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