Computing Infrastructure in the Era of Big Data

What are the needs for infrastructure that researchers in the humanities have?

What problems do they encounter that they cannot resolve on their own?

What would help collaboration with “outsiders”, i.e. the engineers and scientists who have been using computers for a while?

What infrastructure is available?

Where do you find out about it?

What is the role of the libraries in connecting researchers in the digital humanities with the machinery of computers, networks and disk drives?

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About Erik Deumens

Director for Research Computing at UF. I specialize in providing infrastructure for researchers to do their work more effectively and efficiently. This includes big data, fast networks, and large, complex computations.

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  1. Thanks for this great proposal, Erik. I know that I could benefit from a general definition of some terms like ‘big data’ and ‘computing infrastructure’, etc. I wonder if there are any examples of large-scale projects in the digital humanities that we could work through, or discuss how to do here? Cheers!

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