Florida Digital Humanities Commons: What? Where? When? Why?

I’m proposing that we use THATCamp Gainesville to continue an important discussion began at THATCamp Florida 2014, namely: how can institutions across the state of Florida (the 3rd most populous state in the U.S., with a “high tech corridor”) join together to support and promote DH work and collaborations? Such a collaborative could have a number of benefits, such as: sharing the unique resources and expertise at different FL campuses, demonstrating the wealth of DH work in Florida for policymakers, directing K-12 educators towards class resources, and showcasing the importance of the humanities in building robust structures for online education. What kinds of projects would the FL DH Commons support (e.g., yearly graduate training intensives, peer review of DH projects). Please come and share your thoughts about what you need, and how we can band together across the state to provide it. The network could be launched at THATCamp Florida 2015.

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3 Responses to Florida Digital Humanities Commons: What? Where? When? Why?

  1. I love this idea: I know of people at UF and FSU working independently (and traditionally) on topics that could become much more visible and meaningful as DH collaborations. It would be beautiful to see a common, inter-mural support system that could help them connect, define and accomplish shared goals, and make their work more known and accessible to the wider community.

  2. I’m also into this idea, and sorry to have missed the beginnings of it at THATCamp FL. I wonder if an outcome might be a collaborative group (multi-institutional) applying for one of these NEH grants for a state-wide DH institute type thing? www.neh.gov/grants/odh/institutes-advanced-topics-in-the-digital-humanities

  3. Mark H. Long says:

    I am very much looking forward to this conversation. Thanks for proposing this.

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