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  1. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

  2. Yes, indeed, Connie! I have been musing over two of your comments made at the February UCF sponsored THATCamp: That digital heritage projects should allow the community to approach them and incorporate said community’s memories and ideas for their representation (not a top-down approach); and that the creation of metadata should be a collaborative process that enables search results beneficial to a wide variety of users, historians, archivists, etc.

    While these observations may be quite obvious to you, I was struck by their importance and plan to incorporate these ideas into my research interview questions. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to another THATCamp!

    Tricia Carlton

  3. Aaron says:

    THISCamp is going to be fun! 😉

  4. James says:

    This will be my first year attending. Looking forward to meeting and talking with you all.

  5. Clara Sotelo says:

    Looking forward to learning a lot!

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