The Arab Immigration Oral History Digital Collection

The Arab Immigration Oral History Digital Collection is a project sponsored by the UF Libraries’ mini grant program located at:

The project aims to make available through Oral History interviews the life and professional experiences of Arab immigrants who have settled in Florida after leaving their homelands. I am hoping to expand this project after absorbing new ideas and life experiences which is why I chose to attend THATCamp.

What I have so far are interviews recorded digitally in Arabic and English and transcribed into English and available as PDFs accompanied by photos in most cases. The collection was created by Richard Saltzburg and colleague Dr. Esam Alhadi and is intended to help scholars, researchers, students and the general public to understand the reasons why certain Arabs immigrate to Florida. These interviews reveal specific life and professional experiences these immigrants have had and how they have created a new home for themselves in Florida.

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About Richard Saltzburg

I currently manage German, Slavic and Arabic materials for the library, interests I developed growing up overseas in France and being schooled in Germany, especially Berlin before the "wall" went up and afterwards.I think Digital Humanities has potential but we must find a way to get past the current technology and create new interfaces. Hyperlinks, turning pages etc. is old technology.

5 Responses to The Arab Immigration Oral History Digital Collection

  1. I’d be interested to know how people might want to use or access this archive, and how the archive makes different interactions possible. Cheers for a neat project proposal!

  2. Yes, I’m hoping to hear some discussion about this website!

  3. What a cool project. There’s a few other projects that deal with race and immigration in DH-land, namely Digitizing Chinese Englishman, but I haven’t heard of anyone doing oral histories. My first thought after reading your proposal and bio was why does the project have to stay as PDFs, images and media files? It might be really cool to find(build?) a platform that blends all that together into a really rich multimedia space. Excited to see how the discussion goes!

  4. Oh! And I just found this one – Chicana por mi Raza – and totally forgot that my colleague Sarah Buck-Kachaluba, who will be at the camp too, is doing an oral history project on feminist women leaders in Mexico!

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