Developing and Managing Courses with Basecamp and Qualtrics

I propose to have an April 25 Talk session to discuss and share how Basecamp and Qualtrics can be used to develop and manage courses.

Basecamp is a project management tool that allows teams to manage workflows, track time, and share project-related resources. Qualtrics, a data collection and analysis survey tool, supports a variety of research both in the business environment and at every major university in the US; it can also be used to create robust surveys, assignments, assessments, and other course tools.

I will share how a busy undergraduate and graduate course design and support team at the University of Florida uses both tools to not only develop courses, but also manage them. I will also detail our best practices and learnings for using both tools. I hope that this sharing leads to a discussion of how Basecamp and Qualtrics can be used for other facets of course development and management, as well as additional ways they might be used to support and manage other types of projects.

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About Sarah Bleakney

Sarah Bleakney works as an Instructional Designer for the Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment at the University of Florida's Warrington College of Business Administration. Her primary focus is providing instructional design support to both undergraduate and graduate faculty. While a graduate student at the UF Department of English, she was a classroom and online instructor for UF’s Center for Management Communication, Career Resource Center, Department of English, and University Writing Program. After she earned her PhD in 2012, Sarah was as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Writing and Communication Program. While there, she collaborated on a team to develop a MOOC and taught business communication with a focus on multimodality and digital pedagogy. In addition, she has ten years’ experience in technical communication, information design, and project management in the financial services and engineering industries.

5 Responses to Developing and Managing Courses with Basecamp and Qualtrics

  1. Basecamp looks pretty nifty. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with it in an academic setting. Do we have university-wide access to it?

  2. Sarah Bleakney says:

    Basecamp is indeed pretty nifty! We do not have university-wide access to it, but it is not too terribly expensive: I believe that my team uses either the base package or the next one up.

  3. Thanks for proposing this highly useful session. I wonder if you could bring in some humanities-specific examples about the kind of pedagogy that these tools afford? Thanks!

  4. Erin Zavitz says:

    I’ve used Qualtrics a little and am excited to learn more. I agree with Sophia, it would be nice to see how to apply the tools across the disciplines.

  5. Oh yes, both Qualtrics and Basecamp definitely have application beyond a specific industry or discipline.

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